Champadevi HikingChampadevi Hiking

Champadevi Hiking

Trip Summary
  • Trip Duration1 Day
  • Difficulty Level Easy
  • One of the best hiking routes near Kathmandu valley.
  • Begin the hike with a walk into deep pine woods.
  • Enjoy the panoramic and picturesque sights of Kathmandu Valley, Pharphing, and beyond.
  • Leave the chaos and crowd of Kathmandu valley and enjoy the serenity on the trail.
  • Walk a stone-paved trail that goes through woods to the hills.
  • Listen to the sounds of woods and livings beings of the lush woods
  • Experience a stretched mountain view that includes Annapurna Ranges, Manaslu, Langtang, Himchuli, Kanguru, Ganesh Himal, Gaurishankar, Cho Oyu, and even Mt Everest too on a clear day.
  • Quickly and easily reachable hiking trail that has alternative routes.
  • Extension of the hike to Bhasmasur hill or even to Chandragiri Hill.

Champadevi Hiking is one of the best hiking options around Kathmandu. The short 5-6 hours hike is quite popular among locals and foreign hikers. In a brief period, you can be on this trail and enjoy the Himalayas, the Kathmandu valley, and beyond. It is just a fantastic hiking option for a beautiful escape in Kathmandu.

If you are weary of Kathmandu’s boisterous crowd, Champadevi Hiking can heal your ears and eyes for several hours. It makes you leave Kathmandu for good. The hike begins from Bhanjyang, Pharping, on Kathmandu's outskirts. Through a 20 km drive, you’ll reach Pharping to start the walk. And as you begin, you will be in lush and green woods of pines, rhododendrons, oaks, and more.

This hike is not just good for walking. It also offers the majestic panorama of the Himalayas. From the hills of the hiking route, you can enjoy Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Gauri Shankar, Annapurna, Mt Everest, and many more. Without traveling far, you can enjoy Nepal’s tall, iconic, snowy peaks. Not just that. You will have a panoramic view of Kathmandu valley, which is full of buildings and houses. This will give you how big Kathmandu is.

On the other side, you will have massive forested hills. The green hills on the other side of Kathmandu's chaos are an excellent view. We can have a long and broad view of such hills as well. Similarly, the hike goes through lush vegetation. Hence we get to watch a wide range of flora and possibly fauna. Monkeys, deer, jungle cats, and other animals can be sightable.

Overall, Champadevi Hiking is the best escape from Kathmandu for hikers and nature lovers. Doing this hike, you will have a fantastic day in nature, watching vegetation, hills, mountains, and the Kathmandu valley.

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The journey of Champadevi Hiking begins in Kathmandu. In the morning, after having breakfast, you will prepare for the fantastic Champadevi Hiking. We will hop into a jeep to drive to Pharphing, which lies on the outskirts of Kathmandu. It will be a short transitioning ride of 40-50 minutes. We will see ourselves leaving Kathmandu’s hustle and arriving at a more friendly site.

Our drive will end after reaching Bhanjyang, the hike's starting point. We will walk for half an hour to get to Hattiban Resort. The resort is a hill up from Dakshinkali Road. When we leave our car, we will have a scenic stone-stacked trail with tall pine trees. Our actual Champadevi hiking will start from this beautiful resort location.

After a few minutes of straight walking, we will have an uphill walk to reach the stone-paved trail of the hike. We will also start to see Mt Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Himchuli, and many other peaks. The long stretch of the Himalayas will be in front of our eyes. Also, we will have a good view of the entire Kathmandu valley, which looks like a sea of concrete.

Shortly, we will come to another uphill after a downhill walk. This time, we will see lush greenery around the trail and beyond. Green and lush hills will be all around.

As the hike continues, we will keep getting better views. And after walking for several more hours on the stone paved trail, we will reach Champadevi Hill(2,285). There is one temple, a small stupa, prayer flags, and a resting point at the top. From a viewpoint, you will see the Himalayas, hills, and the Kathmandu valley. We will have our lunch at the top.

After the time at Champadevi Hill, we will descend to Hattiban Resort. The downhill hike will be on the same route. So after retracing the road for 1-2 hours, we will reach the resort. And from there, we will drive back to our hotel in Kathmandu. It is how Champadevi Hiking will conclude.

    Essential Information

    About the Champadevi Hiking Route

    You can do Champadevi Hiking from different locations. It is doable from Chandragiri Route, Bosan Danda, and Hattiban. The one starting from Hattiban resort is the most popular. Let’s talk about each route.

    Champadevi Hiking via Hattiban Route

    The Champadevi Hike from Hattiban is the most popular. To hike from this route, you must reach Hattiban Resort. The resort is just 20 km from Kathmandu and has easy road access. You can get a bus to Pharphing and walk for half an hour to arrive at Hattiban Resort. The local bus can take more time and involve more hassle. Taxi drive option would be more accessible and quick.

    Hattiban Route is for someone who wants to have clear mountain views from the start. This route takes place on the hills of the site. You will also meet many local and foreign people along the famous path. Remember, the view of Kathmandu valley is also watchable right away. You can prolong the hike up to Bhasmasur Hill or Chandragiri.

    Champadevi Hiking via Bosan Danda Route

    You can reach Champadevi Hiking from Bosan Danda. This alternative route is a peaceful route to the Hattiban route. To start this hike, you have to reach Bosan village. The village lies on the foothills of a lush hill. When you leave the village, you are in the greenery and woods.

    The trail of this route has a stone paved route. However, the first few hours are through a jungle route. A little later, you will find a good trail. The course is less popular among hikers. Thus, this route is a good option for people who want a peaceful day on the trail. At times, you will have bushes on the course. But that will make this route an exciting one.

    Champadevi Hiking via Pushpa Lal Park Route

    Pushpa Lal Park is another starting point for Champadevi Hiking. The park is in the southern part of Kirtipur, near the hills, and only 13 km from Kathmandu. You can reach the place via a local bus or private jeep. Like the Bosan Danda Route, this very route is also tranquil. Only some hikers know about this route. Hence, it is peaceful.

    The Pushpa Lal Park route also has a stoned trail. But you can also hike through a newly plowed road to the top. We suggest you take the stoned-placed course. That trail takes you through the woods. However, if you want to watch mountains all the time, the road is more happening.

    Champadevi Hiking via Chandragiri Route

    You can also complete Champadevi Hiking via the Chandragiri route. This course begins from the famous Champadevi Temple’s foothills. Starting from Thankot, the hike will take you through Champadevi, ultimately to Hattiban. It is just a full-day Champadevi Hiking option. It is the path if you want to spend a whole day on the green trail.

    this hike, you will catch captivating views of mountains, the Kathmandu valley, and the outskirts of the valley. Bhasmasur Hill(2,496m) is the peak point of the hike. The best views are from this place. Throughout this hiking route, you will walk, watch, explore and enjoy. You will get enough hours of hiking on this route.

    Best Time for Champadevi Hiking Route

    You can do Champadevi Hiking, an easy and short hike all year round. However, if you want to do it at the best time possible, Autumn and Spring are two of your times.

    March to May(Spring) and September to November(Autumn) are the best months for any expedition in Nepal. Nepal’s adventurous trail remains active during this period. Clear climate, moderate temperature, stable weather, and undisturbed mountain views are possible in Autumn and Spring.

    That doesn't mean you cannot do it at other times. The winter months, December to February, are also doable. You will catch fresh and snowy mountains. Yes, the temperature is low in Winter. But on a sunny day, you can do it excitingly.

    Of all the months, the months of Monsoon are less recommendable.

    Monsoon months, June to August, can be rainy, slippery, and cloudy for Champadevi Hiking. If you do not like rain and clouds, the Monsoon is a big red. Yet, you can still get sunny days in Monsoon as well. In the meantime, you can hike, as it takes only 6-7 hours.

    Champadevi Hiking is quick and short. The season only hinders it a little. Thus, you complete this hike in any month. But, as said earlier, pick the Autumn and Spring months if you want everything perfect.

    Things to Pack for Champadevi Hiking

    Champadevi Hiking is a short hiking option from Kathmandu. It can be completed within 4-6 hours, depending on your speed. You surely need some help to decide on what to take and what not. Don't worry; this will help you.

    As you leave Kathmandu for Champadevi Hiking, you will be away from the city and the shops. The route does not have any cafes, outlets, or hotels. Yes, you have a resort at the hike's starting point. However, when we walk ahead, there is only one shop. No drinking water point is also available. So you must take things to drink and eat.

    Start by packing a good lunch. If you travel with us, we will arrange everything. Or we can have lunch after the hike if you can sustain the hunger. We can take energy bars, fruits, cookies, dry fruits, cold drinks, and other edible items to deal with desire. Likewise, we must take enough water for the whole hike. Remember, there is no water on the walk. This is for the stomach.

    You also need a pair of hiking shoes, a sun or hat cap, a UV glass, a hiking pant, a hiking pole, a day backpack, sunscreen, a water bottle, charging banks, etc.

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