Why Dream Nepal Excursion?

Customized Tours

At Dream Nepal Excursion, we intend to create customized tours that compile most of the tourism prospects in Nepal. From mountaineering to trekking and mountain bike tours to sightseeing activities, we bring a unique flavor of services that differentiates us from other tour operators.

Safe Travel

We assure the safety of our clients throughout their tour packages in Nepal. With the help of our experienced and knowledgeable guides, you can set yourself apart from the harming activities during your trek. Also, your convenience is our priority, and we assure to meet that benchmark with the help of our guides with years of experience in this field.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Be assured that we will take care of you pleasantly, so you will not have any space to complain. With years of experience, we have come to strive to make our clients happy and satisfied with the packages we offer. In all these years, we have maintained a strong connection with our clients with our dedicated and homely service, so satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Tailor-Made Excursion All Over Nepal

Dream Nepal Excursion launches several tailor-made excursions all over Nepal only for you. These tours can be selected as per your will and cost management. We have been organizing these tours at several places in Nepal, like Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara, Lumbini, and many others.

We provide fully organized and supported trips and tailor the tours that cater to you best to your interest. We have a set of teams to discuss your interest in Nepal, which will help us customize the itinerary accordingly. 

Whether you are traveling in a couple or a group, we can guide you through every nook and corner of Nepal. So contact us while you plan on a trip to this beautiful country of Nepal.

Hospitable Environment

Warm hospitality is our main mantra, so we believe our clients as someone of our kin and treat them accordingly. In Nepal, people believe that the guests are a form of God, so they have a special place in the home. And a warm welcome and hospitality are not to be a worrying thing for any travelers in Nepal.

Aligned with the same motto, Dream Nepal Excursion makes you comfortable with the environment with better welcome and cultural experiences. We have engaged our guests/clients in several cross-cultural activities with the local people of their destination. Besides that, a warm briefing in a homely way about your destination is carried out by Dream Nepal Excursion.

24/7 International Support

At Dream Nepal Excursion, we are always ready to support you via call or email. We are on 24/7 standby to support you with your queries and emergencies. Besides, our email and voicemail responses will be prompted as soon as we receive them.

Besides that, we are keen to provide support on a personal level as well as through the company during your trip or before/after your trip. So if you have any queries regarding our business or anything about your upcoming project plan, please call or email us. We will give a response ASAP.

Clean And Green Tourism

At Dream Nepal Excursion, we support eco-friendly tourism. As Nepal has a motto of 'Clean and Green Nepal,' we must be within its boundary. We respect mother nature and its beauty during our campaigns, and we mean no harm to the flora and fauna of our destination.

Dream Nepal Excursion is also upfront in responsible tourism; we groom every client to maintain eco-friendly trips, whether by keeping the surroundings clean (disposing of your waste materials by yourself) or not hampering the lush environment of the forest.

Experienced Guides And Porters

We have a set of experienced guides who have been working in this field for years and are certified as well. These guides have an extensive background and study of your chosen destination, so be safe from being lost around the way.

They will also help you visit 'must-go' and 'must-not-go' places around your destination. And in addition, they will be a proper medium to communicate with the local people. Since our guides are excellent at speaking English, you will find it easy to understand the lifestyle of the people through them.

Moreover, our guides and porters are your first-hand support system during the trip. Mostly, you can kick out the possible dangers with the help of your guide.

Secured Payment

If you choose Dream Nepal Excursion, you can focus on the payment issues. With extensive research on online payment systems, we have made our online payments safe and Payment Card Industry security standards (PCI) compliant.

Whether you pay online or in hand, you are always in a safe place at Dream Nepal Excursion. We accept payments from credit cards or bank transfers, and we state that our online payment system is secured with a secure network and a firewall.

Thank you for choosing Dream Nepal Excursion Pvt Ltd. We look forward to welcoming you to this beautiful country and sharing our love for Nepal.